Cleaning Services

Dentervie Co. provides a full service to keep your washroom areas at a high standard of cleanliness that will keep you and your customers happy.
We can provide any of the services below.

Cleaning Services
Cloak Room Services
Floor Sweeper Services
Bar Back Services
Valet Services (Attendants in washrooms)
Supplier of cleaning Materials, hand towels & tissues

We pride ourselves in our customer service and ensure than your customers continue to receive top of the range services even when in the toilet.

We ensure mirrors and toilet seats are kept clean, toilets are always flushed and surrounding area kept tidy

Our staff are trained to provide hygiene and security within the toilet environment

All Attendants are equipped with First Aid Kits subject to management of the venue

What we Provide

  • Seven bottles of top of the range designer perfumes / after shaves
  • Male and Female deodorants
  • Hair products (i.e. wax, gel, mouse, brush)
  • Clothes' brushes
  • Oral Hygiene products (mouth wash, mints, gum, lollies)
  • Smart uniformed male and female toilet attendants (uniformed approved by venue management)
  • Staff on duty 15 minutes prior to restaurant opening time
  • Clean toilets at all times whilst on duty
  • Music within is provided if required by venue management
  • Service to restaurant employees 15 minutes prior to start of shift
  • Good custoumer service care, that will boost your organisation’s name
  • Providing a friendly atmosphere to your client irrespective to who they are
Our Company:

With over 10 years working in the United Kingdom, Dentervie Co. Ltd has been offering cleaning services to some of the most exclusive clubs and bars in London. We provide Catering servives for parties and offer general event management services. Due to high demand, Dentervie Co. Ltd has been selling, supplying and shipping heavy duty generators and inverters for home and Industrial use in African.

Contact Information:

Dentervie Co. Limited
18 Athol Road
United Kingdom.

Tel: 07958 911 115; 07949 114 266
Fax: 01322-440-114

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